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The Master Mind: Introductory Chapter to The Law of Success in 16 Lessons

The Master Mind –Don’t do it alone Hill defines a Master Mind as:  …a mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation [sic] of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task Before we go on, I think it’s important to call out something Hill neglects in the […]

My Grandfather’s Last Gift To Me

From the time I was in college, I was very close to my grandfather. I went to school 5 hours away, yet I would see him on my frequent trips home. He and my grandmother had a large library that filled 12 full-sized bookshelves and took up an entire room in their house. There was […]

Are Great Leaders Born or Made?

Are great leaders born or made? I’ve been exploring that question my entire adult life. Growing up, I was always told I was a natural leader; and so I was put in leadership positions. But what made me a “natural” leader? How much of it was how I was born vs. how I was raised? […]

Effective Organizations

This post is part of a series covering topics from QSource: the F3 Manual of Virtuous Leadership. You can find the entirety of this text here:, or pick up a hard copy at your favorite book retailer. Introduction What type of organization do you want to work for? What inspires you to join a […]

Eisenhower Matrix

I first learned about the Eisenhower Matrix when I read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey when I was starting my first real job as an actuary back in 2004. I highly recommend this book, by the way. Despite having learned it and studied it, I haven’t always made […]