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This is a place for me to park journal entries that I want to preserve for my kids, my future self and for anyone else who might benefit from them. I call it Better Actuary because throughout my career as an Actuary, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to do my job better. But I’ve also thought a lot about how to be a better husband, father, cook, dog-dad, etc. So while it’s called Better Actuary this is really about being better in general. (and Better Actuary is catchier than Better Fill-In-The-Blank!)

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About Better Actuary

At Better Actuary, you will find ideas, questions and thoughts about living a better life in general. I believe in authentic, real discussions about ways we can be a little better today than yesterday. On this blog you’ll see topics ranging from fitness to reading to mental health to leadership and much, much more.

About me

I’ve been actuating for 20 years. I started out on a traditional path in the insurance industry, but soon found myself in an industry with few actuaries. I’ve thought multiple times that I was leaving the profession when I went to work in a non-traditional job. I found out along the way is that being a better actuary was more about your mindset than the practices of the job. Same goes for any aspect of your life.

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I love figuring out how to do stay productive and improve myself. These posts contain things I’ve gathered over time that have helped me stay on task and achieve my goals.

QSource Series

I’m passionate about leadership. Growing up I was a told I was a natural leader, and I’ve been actively studying leadership for over 25 years. These posts will reflect much of what I’ve learned and hope to continue to learn, and will likely have a lot to say about F3 and QSource.

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